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Secondhand Pet Supply extends the life of gently used and new pet supplies to prevent waste. Secondhand pet supply is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID: 92-0954413

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Drop by our store or schedule a pickup! Just shoot us an email at or drop a text at (503) 498-8382. We'd love to hear from you!

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Consider making a monetary donation! It can be a monthly or even a one time donation every little bit helps support our mission to prevent waste and help the pets that need it most!

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A Local Eco-Friendly Initiative 🐶 🧭 🌲

Welcome to Secondhand Pet Supply, where our passion for pets and the planet fuels our mission. Despite having a storefront, we remain deeply rooted in our local community. Before acquiring our physical location, we utilized Facebook Marketplace to connect locally within the Portland/Vancouver Metro area. Through this platform, we offer sustainable pet products while prioritizing a minimal carbon footprint. Join us in our endeavor to reduce waste and advocate for sustainability as we create a greener world where people save more than just money with every purchase.

Cleaned With You In Mind

At Secondhand Pet Supply, our team and valued customers are committed to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in handling donations. Every item received undergoes a thorough sanitization process to ensure both pets' and their owners' well-being and safety. By prioritizing cleanliness in our donation procedures, we aim to provide a secure and healthy environment for all furry companions who benefit from our sustainable and lovingly shared pet supplies. Your partnership in this effort is greatly appreciated as we collectively contribute to the welfare of our community's pets.

Businesses We Work With

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Kindred Homestead Supply

Donation Box Host:

Kindred Homestead Supply, located in Vancouver, WA, is a community-focused store promoting sustainability and mindful living. They emphasize inclusivity and diversity, welcoming everyone regardless of their sustainable lifestyle experience or personal background. The store offers bulk refillers for eco-friendly home and personal care products, sustainable home goods, secondhand treasures, and local artwork. Their mission is to provide high-quality, low-waste alternatives while building connections with local and sustainable businesses, creating a community dedicated to positively impacting the environment. Kindred Homestead Supply is more than just a store; it's a welcoming community for those on a journey toward a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle.

Visit their website @:

the Civilized Wolf


At Civilized Wolf, they prioritize wellness, safety, education, and training for all their guests. Their passion lies in integrated health, focusing on exercise, nutrition, preventative care, and ongoing education. They have a welcoming policy with no breed discrimination, embracing all humans and their beloved dogs. They are dedicated to serving their diverse community, especially the dog-loving population, and take pride in actively contributing to its happiness and well-being.

Visit their website @:

Horizon Veterinary Care

Donation Box Host:

Visit Horizon Veterinary Care in Vancouver, WA. They prioritize building personal connections with you and your cherished pet, recognizing the significance of this bond. Their state-of-the-art veterinary care clinic eagerly anticipates your visit, and they're enthusiastic about partnering with you to ensure the happiness and well-being of your pets.

Visit their website @:


Donation Box Host:

In 1998, Kris Padden and Marc Weiner crossed paths and quickly bonded over their mutual affection for animals. They frequently discussed their shared passion for animal-related career aspirations. Fueled by their personal experiences of managing full-time jobs, family responsibilities, and their cherished pets, these dog enthusiasts embarked on a journey to turn their dreams into reality. This endeavor led to the creation of K-9 to Five.

Since 2013, Kris has dedicated her time to volunteering with The Rescue Faerie, a dedicated group of dog lovers committed to transporting adoptable dogs from the Los Cabos Humane Society to the Portland area. Marc also became involved with this remarkable organization, and K-9 to Five hosts numerous events that generate donations for The Rescue Faerie.

Together, Marc and Kris meticulously developed a comprehensive Doggy Playcare & Spa, catering to the needs of busy working dog owners. K-9 to Five offers a welcoming environment where your furry companions can safely socialize and enjoy a spa day while you're at work.

In early 2021, Kris and Marc expanded their doggy services by acquiring Vancouver Dog Walkers, which has been voted best dog walking service in Clark County four years in a row!

Visit their website @:


Donation Box Host:

Pop-Local started as a pop up shop concept launched during the 2020 pandemic!

Night Market Vancouver, a sister company to Pop-Local, is an ongoing family-friendly marketplace dedicated to local makers. Every month, this event spotlights more than 100 local vendors, offering live music, a DJ, rotating entertainment, and delectable food and drinks. Night Market Vancouver unites thousands of community members to celebrate local culture and support independent businesses.

However, in March 2020, Night Market Vancouver, like countless other businesses, faced a temporary shutdown due to health and safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. As an event-oriented business heavily reliant on large public gatherings for revenue, Night Market Vancouver found itself without income. Its founder, Jessica Chan, had to adapt the business model to ensure survival. While Night Market Vancouver eventually resumed operations, Chan's focus during the shutdown shifted to creating a platform to sustain local makers, crafters, and artisans throughout the ongoing pandemic.

This gave rise to the concept of Pop-Local, serving as a new haven for local vendors to showcase their brands and bring their products to the market without the monthly event format. It provided a safer space and eliminated the need for vendors to set up booths.

In August 2020, Pop-Local commenced its journey as a pop-up shop in the heart of historic downtown Vancouver, Washington, located at 111 W 9th St, under the name "NMV Pop Local." A generous friend, Most Everything Vintage, offered Chan a temporary space, and she eagerly seized the opportunity, driven by a strong desire to aid local businesses and individuals affected by the shutdown.

Thanks to the warm reception from the local community, Pop-Local decided to establish a more permanent presence. Fast forward to 2022, Chan opened Pop-Local at the iconic Vancouver, WA waterfront as a standalone establishment.

Visit their website @:

Mama & Hapa's Zero Waste Shop

Donation Box Host:

Mama & Hapa's Zero Waste Shop looks to prevent waste by providing refilling stations and sustainable alternatives to a lot of everyday items for the Portland metro area. For more information visit their website at:

Sellwood Pet Supply

Donation Box Host:

They are located in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, where they offer products and guidance to pet owners in the community. They're here to provide your dogs, cats, and smaller animals with quality food, apparel, beds, toys, treats, and fun!

Visit their website @:

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